Giving Tuesday Puerto Rico

We are happy to be part of this year’s Giving Tuesday Puerto Rico with our Flamenco Beach Project.

Giving Tuesday is a global giving movement that celebrates and promotes the act of helping others through the gift of your time, donations, goods or the power of your voice in your local community.

On Tuesday, November 27 donate what you can to a project of your choice. Read more about ours & donate here.

Donated to families in need of medical attention

Not only were there large infrastructure problems brought about by hurricanes María and Irma, but economic ones grew as well. Everyday people had to fend for themselves and spend so much money to buy diesel or gasoline, fresh water, and food. Many were left without a job.

The Foundation decided to make donations to a few Culebrense families that suffered a great deal. One of the donations was made to a woman who urgently needed a heart transplant. Since she didn’t have access to the medical attention she needed in Culebra or Puerto Rico, she had to go to the States to get her surgery. Due to the expenses brought about by the hurricane she didn’t have enough money to get to Massachusetts for her surgery. The Foundation donated flight tickets for her and her family. Another donation made by The Foundation was for a woman who’s 23 year old son was diagnosed with cancer. She didn’t have enough money to pay for a flight ticket to go tend to him during his chemotherapy treatments so the Foundation donated her flight ticket as well.

Two generators for Abbie School and the Education Association

One of the challenges mothers were facing in the aftermath of Hurricane María and Irma was entertaining their children since there was no school, no electricity, and many of the streets were roadblocked by fallen trees. Because The Foundation had previously been working with Abbie´s school and the Education Association of Culebra, two generators were donated so that they could open their doors to the children of culebra.

Sponsored Music & Dinner Event

The devastation brought by Hurricane Maria was not only one that affected our land but one that affected our people. The exhaustion and hopelessness most people felt was definitely something that affected the communal spirit and was deeply felt. Because of this, The Foundation decided to sponsor an event in town, were there was food, beverages, music, and dancing to lift the spirits of Culebrenses and help them relax and regain their strength. Over 400 people showed up to the event to share their stories and enjoy a night out.

Donated generator to the Health Clinic of Culebra

In the aftermath of  Maria, a category 5 hurricane, most of Puerto Rico and all of Culebra was left without light. Without electricity Culebra was in communicated and unable to get resources to open its Healthcare and Government facilities.

One of the first and most important donation the Foundation made, was buy a generator for the Culebra Health clinic. Since most of the infrastructure of the clinic was damaged and in dire need of renovation before the hurricanes, The Foundation brought in a cleaning crew to remove all of the debree, brought in contractors to build a  new base for the generator and brought in technicians to install the power grid.

Collaboration with Northwell Health & Congresswomen Nydia Velasquez

Although the foundation mainly focuses on Culebra, after the hurricanes we reached out to neighbouring towns in Puerto Rico to provide relief. Yabucoa was one of the towns most affected since it geographic location was the entry point for Hurricane María. The town was left in desperate need of a healthcare facility since the clinic of Yabucoa suffered significant damage due to flooding and mold infestations.

The Foundation brought in a team of senior executives from the largest healthcare system in NYC, Northwell Health. They provided advice and direction to the Mayor regarding how to seek help from FEMA. With the great leadership of Congresswomen Nydia Velasquez, help came in the form of a FEMA mobile hospital. The Northwell team also provided advice and support to the Culebra Clinic and Emergency Room.

Aid for individuals who lost their business​

Many people were left without homes and without their businesses. The aftermath of hurricanes María and Irma was not only a humanitarian crisis but an economic one as well. The Foundation set aside some funds to aid those who had lost their business as a consequence of the hurricane.

One of the grants the Foundation made was for an individual who lost his entire farm. He ran one of the first aquaponic farms in Puerto Rico and was in Culebra and was part of the agricultural movement of the island. After the hurricane he lost all of his fish and growing beds to a massive landslide and lost his house as well. The Foundation provided a grant to assist the family in their move to the United States.


Donated Internet service to the Police Station, City Hall, and Healthcare Clinic​

Weeks after hurricanes María and Irma hit the Caribbean, Culebra and most of Puerto Rico were still without power and without hope of its restoration.  Four months after, the entire island of Culebra is still running on two large generators. Neither Puerto Rico or Culebra were prepared to be  living in these conditions for so long.

During the first weeks of the power outage, Culebra was left without communication with the outside world. This became one of the biggest problems in terms of organization; there was no internet, and no cell phone signal. After weeks of looking for a way to connect with the mainland, the Foundation brought in an internet company and donated Hughes Net systems to City Hall, the healthcare clinic and the police station of Culebra. With this connection, it became a lot easier to get government affairs up and running again and start thinking of the reconstruction process that was ahead.

Thanks to your support, Culebra is well on it's way to recovery.

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