Community Partnerships

The Foundation supports and collaborates with existing organizations that are doing philanthropic or community programs to build a stronger Culebra and Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Fiona Relief Efforts

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Foundation was able to aid 140 families in Yabucoa during their recovery from the destruction caused by the flood waters of Hurricane Fiona. With the help of volunteers from Culebra and Yabucoa, and in partnership with the Mayors and the American Red Cross, the impacted families received the help they needed. Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, who grew up in Yabucoa, joined us as we provided the families with new beds, refrigerators & stoves. 

Covid 19

Coronavirus has had a dramatic impact all around the world, Culebra was not inmune. The economy of Culebra is dependent on tourism, which was nonexistent during the quarantine. Almost everyone was out of work and concerned about access to food. The Foundation partnered with other amazing organizations like the Hispanic FederationMujeres de IslaBanco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico, among others to access food, transport it to Culebra and distribute these critical supplies to the community. 

Comadre Project

The Comadre project began as a pilot project to support and educate new mothers and their families.

For the first two years of the child’s life, new mothers are paired with another women  through a  mentorship program that facilitates the preparation for challenges brought about by motherhood. Women are taught about parenting, physical and emotional skills.

After working virtually for too long, we are once again having unperson gatherings to support the women and children in our community.

Proyecto Siembra

Proyecto Siembra is an initiative that promotes education regarding ecological principles for planting and growing. The project is in charge of maintaining a community orchard that encompasses all the green spaces of  SEVA, The old school of Culebra. Here, children are taught about compost, maintenance of seed banks, and different ecological planting techniques. The project also built a hen house which collects fresh eggs.

Culebra Foundation

The Culebra Foundation is a 20-year-old wonderful organization dedicated to research and preservation of the history of this island and its people. 

It supports Música Pa’ Culebra, a summer music camp and school year music lessons provided free of charge to the children of Culebra.

The Foundation operates the only museum in Culebra and host numerous events. We have partnered with them in the Culebrita lighthouse project.


Friends of Culebra Animals

Culebra is blessed with an amazing volunteer group that ensures the humane treatment of animals on our island. Friends is very fortunate to have a wonderful team of vets who come to the island once a month to provide veterinary services to all of us and advice related to animal welfare.

In addition to the financial support, the Foundation has fostered animals. The last two were beautiful kittens, one went to his permanent home in upstate New York and the other to Boston.

Culebra continues to dream about a permanent facility that can support the wonderful services of the visiting veterinary teams.

Rancho Culebra

Rancho Culebra is a 16 acre farm owned by two of the Foundation’s Board members. The farm has horses, dairy cows, goats and chickens. It also has an aquaponic farm with tilapia, catfish and many vegetable plants. The property of the farm is covered with fruit bearing tress, especially mangoes and plantains.

A primary purpose of the farm is to demonstrate the ability to farm on the small arid island of Culebra and to increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in the local diet.

Children from Culebra as well as from other schools in Puerto Rico visit the farm. They learn how to plant, care for the animals and cook foods with the products of the farm.

The products of the farm, cheese, eggs, jellies and ice cream, are sold to residents and visitors and 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Foundation.

We hope that Culebra’s experience in becoming a sustainable community with the highest quality of life will become a model that others will want to replicate in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

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