Center for Mind-Body Medicine Initiative​

Help the people impacted by the recent natural disasters bring a program of community-based healing and resiliency-building in partnership with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

The Foundation for a Better Puerto Rico has partnered with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine to bring an evidenced-based program of community-based healing and resiliency-building to Puerto Rico. The program is addressing the devastating psychological impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria and now the earthquakes in the southern region – increases in suicide, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress – as well as burnout and secondary trauma among caregivers. It also helps Puerto Rico build capacity to address current and future traumatic events.

In 2019, we trained 70 social workers, psychologists, counselors and educators from Culebra, Vieques, Fajardo and other affected communities, the communities most dramatically affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The Mind-Body Skills Group model being used has repeatedly and reliably reduced levels of post-traumatic stress disorder by 80% or more in both children and adults. In 2020, we partnered to take the program virtual. Continuing to train volunteers, run groups and bring this important program to our communities during a pandemic.

In 2021, continuing our partnership and with a grant from United Way of Puerto Rico, we deployed a stress-relief and Covid-19 crisis response program for teachers, healthcare workers, community volunteers, parents first responders and other helping professions.

We also expanded the program to address those impacted by the recent earthquakes. Our program is already providing immediate psychological support for thousand of children and adults whose lives have been upended by the January 2020 earthquakes. Moving quickly, together we will launch a 12-month program to train and support 150 social workers, healthcare providers, counselors, educators and community leaders to bring the benefits of this program to their communities.

We hope that Culebra’s experience in becoming a sustainable community with the highest quality of life will become a model that others will want to replicate in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

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