Nature is what gives Culebra its beauty. The way we can preserve all of this beauty is to protect the environment.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

Advancing toward a clean energy future

EDF, in partnership with the Foundation and other community based organizations, implemented a pilot program that installed solar panels and batteries in 45 low and moderate income households, giving priority to the elderly, families with children and those with health and other special needs.
Together, we are now doing the pre-planning for the implementation of the upcoming grants from the Department of Energy Puerto Rico Energy Resilience Fund. We expect the funding will provide residential solar and battery systems to approximately 400 families in Culebra.

Culebrita Lighthouse

Culebra has a light house situated on an even smaller island called Culebrita. It was constructed in 1882, but unfortunately fell into disrepair and was abandoned. It is the most eastern lighthouse in Puerto Rico. The Foundation is working with the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico to raise the funds needed to restore it. 

In January 2015, the Culebra Municipality and the Para la Naturaleza unit of the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust signed an agreement to rehabilitate the lighthouse. Under it, the municipality will hold the title fee while awarding the Trust a 20-year contract over the 4.46 acres that make up the building’s footprint and surrounding lands. Para la Naturaleza will develop a plan in collaboration with the Culebra Municipality in order to rehabilitate the Lighthouse following historic preservation standards. It will also be managing its lands to protect and showcase the structure and the natural area surrounding it. The priority of the initial rehabilitation phase is to stabilize the ruins as to avoid further deterioration and to prevent the structure from collapsing. Paths will also be cleared and maintained. Additionally, Para la Naturaleza will be designing a conceptual plan with insights from the community and the municipality, framed by the vision of turning the Culebrita Lighthouse into a visitor center complete with an array of educational offerings, opportunities for volunteerism and scientific research that can showcase the site’s historic and ecologic richness

We hope that Culebra’s experience in becoming a sustainable community with the highest quality of life will become a model that others will want to replicate in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

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